Pod #2: Chicago Bulls 2015-16 Season Preview

bulls cartoon

Some topics we discussed for our Chicago Bulls summer offseason review and upcoming 2015/2016 season preview:

1. Tom Thibodeou fired, Fred Hoiberg replaces him

2. Roster – Did the Bulls do enough this offseason?

3. Noah and Gasol – will they ever fit well together in the frontcourt?

4. Taj Gibson – happy with his role? Will he be traded?

5. John Paxson and Gar Forman – Do people hate Forman? He fired Ron Adams, people have negative things to say about him.

6. Nikola Mirotic is most likely player to be traded

7. What happened between Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler in game 6 against the Cavs in the playoffs??

8. Can the Bulls beat the Cavs next year come playoff time?

Guest: Eitan



Future NBA GM. Eitan knows his s***. Whether it’s exploring on an in-depth level as to why Mason Plumlee was once deemed untradable only to be flipped 12 months later for a draft pick, or coming up with insanely wacky trades which actually make sense from a fiscal and team-strategic level, Eitan can hold his own in any NBA debate or conversation.

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